COP25 Coming to an End, and the Strong Finish Prayer

Hi everyone — sorry to just stop writing about my trip but I got so overwhelmed with the breakneck pace of the conference that I had to take a break from writing if I wanted to get any sleep! I am home in Tallahassee, FL now and will be catching up on the last two days soon. My friends are still in Madrid and shared this message that I wanted to pass on. If you are the praying type, the process could really use some prayers right about now. Thanks so much – Cara


Special Report: Requesting Urgent Prayer for COP25
COP25 is scheduled to adjourn on Friday, but serious concerns exist that even an extension until Sunday will not be enough to finish the work of COP25, putting at jeopardy the work of 2020’s ambitious ramping-up of emission reduction goals.  People are frustrated.  We invite you to please join us in the following prayer.  Please invite others into the  prayer.  To learn the background of the “Strong Finish” prayer, please visit our website here.

Thank you,
Lowell and Brian and the CCOP team

The Strong Finish Prayer
O God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

This is a prayer of a strong finish that yields a strong beginning.  We appeal to the creator, sustainer, and redeemer of all creation to deliver COP25 from a failure that we and our neighbors in this world can no longer afford. 

May the negotiating nations finish the work of the final days of COP25 in such a just, merciful, and humble way that the year 2020 is rendered free and serious.  

May the run-up to next year’s COP26 be freed up, without distraction, to be focussed on an ambitious ramping up of the emission reductions (NDCs) which will finally MATCH, not simply approximate, what scientists tell us can prevent the warming that will surely cause our worst suffering.  

May a strong finish at COP25 send a signal that the governments of the world are serious about the Paris Agreement, that they have listened to the voices of our youth, our indigenous neighbors, our Pacific Island neighbors, indeed all our neighbors.  Lord God, may they send the signal that next year’s COP26 is not some false hope, not some promise kicked down the road one more year, not some deus ex machina ready to save us in November, 2020—but instead that the next eleven months will be spent with the eye kept firmly on the prize: the promotion of the Common Good through serious and cooperative effort.  

Creator God, at this moment at COP25, we feel like we are asking for a miracle, and so that is why we have come to you.  We believe you are able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to your power that is at work within us.  We say NOW, NOW, NOW to you be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! 

In and with the name of Jesus Christ,

Picasso’s “La Guernica” in Madrid
(COP25 reflections by Lowell Bliss)

Read how a visit to the Reina Sofia art museum figured into the writing of the Strong Finish prayer.  Click here.

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