Happy Thanksgiving!

What a beautiful Thanksgiving day here in North Florida! 70’s and sunny, with the slightest breeze. I walked around the yard this morning taking it all in, feeling so happy to be alive and so thankful to live here. We have flaming red maple leaves, lots of flowers in bloom, and ripe citrus hanging from the trees all at the same time.

Our family went to Wakulla Springs for the day and took a beautiful boat ride up the river. We saw so many alligators (babies too), birds, turtles and even a few manatee. Then we had our dinner at the lodge that was delicious and no cooking or cleaning! What a beautiful day. What a beautiful life. Grateful.

I am leaving for Madrid for the United Nations COP25 climate conference on Saturday and have a lot of packing and preparing left to do. I’m glad I took this day to spend with family and nature to recharge before my big trip.

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